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As a warrior, I’m not just about designing websites; I fight to transform your business and change your life. I specialize in crafting digital experiences that transcend the ordinary – websites that don’t just look stunning, but also empower your brand’s narrative. With a blend of creativity and strategic insight, I will turn your ideas into captivating online realities, attracting visitors and converting them into loyal customers. Your success is my mission, and through my tailor-made designs, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative solutions, I’m here to catapult your business into the digital spotlight. Join hands with me to revolutionize your online presence and witness how my website design services can be the catalyst for positive change in your journey.

Joshua Evemy - Website Warrior AI Design

“I am your companion in conquering the online realm, armed with cutting-edge design and formidable coding skills. From crafting stunning websites that captivate, to fortifying your online presence, I am the champions of your digital success.”

Joshua Evemy

Website Design

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Hey, I’m Joshua Evemy…

.. A name synonymous with an adventurous spirit and a zest for creativity. With a diverse palette of interests, ranging from the raw intensity of Muay Thai to the intricate world of HEMA, I find solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature’s beauty. Armed with years of hands-on experience in the realms of website design, development, and business marketing, I’ve honed my skills to craft digital experiences that truly resonate. 

I’d Love to Help you with your website:

Featured Battles

Website Warriors Project - Shepherd IT

Poor or outdated visual design?

Struggling with your online Presence?

Don’t know how to use WordPress and other CRMs?

Unsure why the website doesn’t look good on mobile devices?

Confused on where to start with Website builders and coding?

Website Warrior Project LG Boxing Website
Pure Glow Organics
Harry Simons - Trader Portrait

“I am pleased with my amazing experience with Joshua, The Website Warrior. The process was pleasantly uncomplicated, and Joshua helped it go especially smoothly. His receptivity to my ideas and friendly demeanour made collaborating a delight. The straightforward communication and fast procedure produced a website that exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend The Website Warrior because of their competence, client service, and dedication to simplicity. Thank you Josh!!”

Harry Simons

Trader, HS Trading

Lewis Shepherd - Shepherd IT

“For over a year, I had a basic WordPress website built with the block editor, that wasn’t really bringing me any results. I didn’t have any time or much experience to create a new website myself, so I contacted the Website Warrior, and he assured me they could create me a website that makes Shepherd IT Services stand out over other MSPs. I am extremely happy with the new Shepherd IT Website and the way the information has been presented.”

Lewis Shepherd

Director, Shepherd IT

John Pascoe - Director

“When I discussed my remit with Josh, he fully explained what he could do with my website and understood the look and feel that I required. In fact, Josh reassured me that he could build a site better than the examples I had given him. Throughout the process, Josh guided me through the creative aspects and made sure it was completely collaborative. Josh has been available for questions and provided ideas during the build, and continues to remain on hand for ongoing ideas and management of the site. I have no hesitation in recommending Josh.”

John Pascoe

Director, Discovery Mortgages

Liam Greenfield - LG Boxing Coach

“Being the owner of a small business, I understand the importance of having a website, and how having one can help me to grow my business, reach new customers, and target new audiences; along with future endeavours such as sales through the website. Despite knowing I needed one, I am not tech savvy nor am I creative with designs. That’s when Josh came in and worked his magic. He ensured my satisfaction throughout the whole process, communicated very well, and I ended up with a professional & well functioning website. Along with this, he set me up with a business email address, which he made very easy for me to do. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who is in need of a website, or a website upgrade. Ten out of ten service, product, and experience.”

Liam Greenfield

LG Boxing Coach

John Pascoe - Director

“With over 40 years in the creative business, it is a pleasure to find and work with such a talented and enthusiastic person as Josh (The Website Warrior). His keen intellect provides thought proven solutions derived from working closely with his client’s aims and objectives, applying youth in this case with experience has provided a long term insight into the direction a business needs to proceed to become a successful enterprise.”

Mike Dewey

Director, Insight 60

Jenny Thornton - JLT Business

“I would highly recommend working with The Website Warrior. They are attentive and helpful with your business needs.
Joshua made the journey of a website build easy! He has good knowledge of IT which is extremely helpful to those of us who get stuck with time and knowledge on how to fix IT problems. Josh now has an additional business starting, building great websites with his new business, Website Warrior. Being an IT specialist gives him a great advantage with website building and hosting. It was a delight to work with Josh in a website build this month. Bravo for a great website for JLT business.Com. I love it.”

Jenny Thronton

Director, JLT Business Services

Tacha - NEC Sports Massage

“I was blown away with the professionalism of Josh. His customer service and technical skills are exceedingly great, they were very transparent and flexible to allow thorough communication to ensure my own satisfaction. They provide a variety of services, making it simple to require technical support for various online purposes. I’m glad to have chosen The Website Warrior.”

Tacha Cummins

Director, NEC Sports Massage

Toby Richardson

Working with Josh from Website Warrior has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I reached out to inquire about their services, their team displayed unparalleled professionalism and expertise. As someone with minimal knowledge of web design, I was pleasantly surprised by how they guided me through every step of the process with patience and clarity.

Not only did they listen attentively to my vision for the website, but they also offered valuable insights and suggestions to enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The result exceeded all my expectations—a visually stunning, user-friendly website that perfectly encapsulates my brand’s essence.

I wholeheartedly recommend Website Warrior to anyone needing professional web design services. Their talent, professionalism, and exceptional customer service make them the ideal partner for bringing your digital vision to life.

Toby Richardson

Marketing Exec

The Process Is Easy

Recruit The Warrior

Contact me for either a meeting online, or a coffee (On Me), where I will learn more about your business and plan the construction of your new online weapon.

Content Form

Once we have had a discussion, and you’re happy to move forward with me, I’ll create a custom content form for you to fill out, if necessary, a copywriter can help you fill out this content.

The Gold Deposit

Once the content form has been filled in and accepted, I will ask you for a 25% deposit.

The Visual Draft

Once the deposit has been received, I will create a visual draft of the website for you can see what it will look like. Together we will change and modify the design to best suit your liking.

The Website Desgin

Once the visual draft has been accepted, I will ask for another 25% deposit, then start working on your new online weapon.

To War

I will show you your new website and take the rest of the payment. I will show you how to use the website and give you the option of a care package and other services such as SEO. Now you can go forth and conquer the online world!!


Monthly Subscription

Don’t want to cough up a bulk amount on the spot? I offer a monthly subscription service where you can start your online conquest right away, without paying a bulk amount up front! Chat to me about it:

Bespoke Responsive Designs

Responsive design is more than a feature in the online realm, as consumers use a variety of devices. I prioritize user experience across all platforms, ensuring that your website adapts easily to all screen sizes while retaining functionality and aesthetic appeal on desktops and other devices. My commitment to responsive design extends beyond compatibility; it is about creating a consistent and user-friendly experience that your audience will remember, providing you a significant competitive advantage.

Intuitive Navigation

Performance Optimization

Visual Consistency

Device Testing

More Than Just Website Design…

Search Engine Optimization

I team up with SEO experts to be able to provide you with a full SEO service, covering many aspects such as Keyword Research and Website Performance Optimization.

Social Media Management

Creating content can be difficult. I have teamed up with copywriters to be able to help you generate content bespoke to you, and optimized for search engines (SEO).
Website Warrior will assist in developing and implementing a content marketing strategy, which involves creating valuable content such as blog posts, articles, infographics and videos. This content will not only showcase expertise, but attract and engage your target audience.


Analytics is key for online success. I’m able to set up robust analytic tools (like Google Analytics) to track a user’s behaviour on the website. Analysing this data will provide valuable insights into a user’s preferences, assisting with marketing & sales strategies, identifying the content that works and improve the overall performance of the website.

Email Marketing Integration

I can seamlessly integrate email marketing tools into the website to effectively capture leads. Opt-in forms can be placed strategically, offer incentives for a subscription, and guide you on effective email marketing strategies to nurture and engage the audience, with a choice of an email marketing service.

Content Marketing

Creating content can be difficult. I have teamed up with copywriters to be able to help you generate content bespoke to you, and optimized for search engines (SEO).
Website Warrior will assist in developing and implementing a content marketing strategy, which involves creating valuable content such as blog posts, articles, infographics and videos. This content will not only showcase expertise, but attract and engage your target audience.

Graphic Design

To give your website a personalized look, custom images and online artwork can be created to use for the website, and things like leaflets, business cards, social media etc. 

Photography & Videography

Can’t pick the right picture? Struggling to put together a video for your company? Let me take away this frustration by using the experts I work with to take that professional headshot, or create an engaging company introduction video.

Hosting, Domain & Email Support

Domain Registration & Transfer

Backup and Recovery

Domain Configuration

Anti-Spam Measures


Security Measures

Domain Configuration Confusion

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Elevate your online presence with The Website Warrior. From expert website design and bespoke hosting solutions to domain management and professional email services, I provide a holistic approach to ensure your digital success.

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